Some Enchanted Evening

   I'm at this party and I see you across the room. I don't know you. I've never seen you before. You're sitting with a young girl and her boyfriend. She's doing the talking. You sit there. Then you smile and look about the room. You look at me. Our eyes stay -- lock -- hold for a moment past comfortable. I break. I look down at my shoes. When I look up after a moment, I see you getting up. You move to another part of the house. I get up. My heart beats harder and quick. My head is light -- warm. I see you go into the kitchen. I follow. You stand at the counter listening to someone talking -- someone I know. I stay. I try to move close to you. My hand at my side brushes -- trembles -- against your side. The person talking knows you. I make jokes. I am a part of the conversation now. I say something to you. Casual. You look up. I look at your eyes -- blue -- lock -- I hear your name and extend my hand. My name. Your hand comes to touch mine. It is warm. And I hold you there for an eternal moment -- then we slide apart. I feel every bend of your fingers -- then nothing. I don't hear the words being said. You move away. I watch your back -- your step -- as you move into the crowd. You are gone. I do not see you again. Ever again.



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